Adventures in Poverty - Part 2

In January of this past year, I still didn't have everything together.  Winter bills were killing me, again, and water bill got being.  Then turned off.  That sucked, but here's how we handled it.

I live in Michigan, and in Michigan we get snow.  Lots of snow.  This is advantageous when you have no running water.  For flushing the toilet, we would pack buckets full of snow, bring them in the house, let them melt, and then pour them quickly into the toilet to force it to flush.  It worked quite well.

For cooking water, my [ex] Husband brought over gallon jugs full of water, and when they were empty, he'd refill them for us.

For showers, I went to the school locker room, again, and my son would go to my step-dad's to take a shower after school every day before coming home.

Then, I got the money together, paid off the bill, and turned it on.

Just writing this so if you ever get the water turned off, you have some ideas of how to make it work :)


Linda said...

That's very resourceful and clever!

MeaganMonster said...

You're an inspiration Gwynne, you beautiful soul you.


(TheWomanMonster - Meagan).