Good times... NOT

So I got up this morning with the intention to spend my day working.  I have just now gotten to where I could even remotely start working at all.  This computer has been giving me problems for quite some time now.  It's slow, and it crashes frequently.

Over the weekend, I began playing around with a dual-boot of Windows and Kubuntu, doing most things in Kubuntu, and using Windows only for those tasks that I have to use Windows dependent programs for.  It worked quite well.

Until this morning.  When I went to load up Windows, and got the repair feature saying that windows could not start and that it was attempting to repair.  After going through this multiple times, it simply would not start.  I had to do a full restore to factory condition.

Which, of course, meant losing all of my installed programs, having to wait while the start-up went through, Windows downloaded the updates, and then downloading and installing all of the programs I need.  And the backup of my files.

Not fun.  I need a new computer, and don't know how I'll ever afford one.