No coat, No gloves, No scarf

This isn't a post about my son.  He's got a nice coat, three of them actually.  And half a dozen good pairs of gloves.  And four scarves.  He's bundled and warm for the winter.

Not me.  My coat is a size two small, with a broken zipper.  No gloves, no scarf, no winter boots either.

All over, there are donation boxes for winter coats for children.  And that's great.  Because kids need coats, they need to stay warm.  I see so many parents around town wearing designer clothes and fancy coats, while their kids are in rags, and it's just... wrong.  My kid comes first.  Always.  If we're low on food, he gets to eat while my tummy rumbles.  It's okay, I've got plenty of extra padding to keep me going, and could stand to lose a lot of it.  If it's a choice between buying him something, and buying me something, he's the one that gets it, whatever it is.

I chose to buy a house when it was offered to me for the same payments that I was renting a far worse house for so that my son would have a safe place to live.

Moving without a car was no easy feat.  It was only a block away, but the neighbors got a kick out of watching us move all of our belongings using two little grocery carts and a borrowed wheelbarrow!  [ex] Husband came over one Saturday to help move the furniture using his Dad's truck, but other than that, everything went with the little carts.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  There are so many great, great resources for kids to get winter coats and gloves and other necessities like that.  And I'm so glad there are.

But there aren't any for adults to get the same things.  It's kind of frustrating at times.  But at least I know my son is warm.


Haasiegirl said...

I agree, your child should always come first. We hand down all charlottes clothes to my sister whom is less fortunate then we have been in life. I couldn't imagine my child every suffering over myself. I would rather die.