Grocery Shopping Today

Just got back from grocery shopping.  My [ex] Husband comes and drives me to the grocery store when I need to go, which is very sweet of him, especially considering how busy he is.

This week was my first attempt at clipping coupons.  Having recently moved, I got a free 4 week subscription to the local paper.  When the Sunday paper came, I decided to clip, clip, clip, and see what I could do.

I also had a checkout coupon for $9.00 of $110 or more.  I hit that and then some today.

All told, my total, before coupons, was $221.94.  After coupons, my total was $175.55.  That's $46.39 in savings.  Yay me!

I now have a full "refrigerator."  LOL  Okay, so I have a full box of cold food sitting on my back porch with a sturdy lid to keep the animals out.  I'm buying an actual refrigerator when I get my tax return...

Lots of goodies today.  Tons of frozen veggies, and bunches of Pillsbury rolls.  I had a TON of Pillsbury coupons today.

And lots of water.  About a month ago or so I quit drinking Pepsi.  I had a MAJOR addiction going.  Caffeine and sugar withdrawals were bad.  But I just really wanted to quit.  I want to lose weight, and I knew all those empty calories were NOT helping me at all.  So I stocked up on Motrin, and I quit.  To replace the Pepsi, I started drinking flavored sparkling water.  Good stuff, and my picky-eater son likes them, too!

Groceries are one of my largest expenses.  Right now, I receive food stamps.  The $335 I get a month for that is enough to feed my son and I, with some left over each month, or some for extra goodies if we want.

Mostly because I buy in bulk, and I make most things from scratch.  In fact, today I bought two loves of bread for the first time in over a year.  I had coupons for them, they were on sale, and the coupons were doubled.

I bake bread, I make soup, I do all sorts of stuff.  Making it from scratch is just cheaper.

And I do it all with no major appliances... Just an 18-quart roaster oven, a cheapo bread machine, a hot shot water boiler, a toaster, and a rice cooker.