Life Without Major Appliances

I currently have no major appliances.  No refrigerator, no stove, no washer, no dryer.  None.  I haven't had any since moving to my new house in the beginning of October.

Before moving, I had all of the above.  The dryer had quite working months before.  The washer would continue to fill, even when it was off.  I had to turn the water line off to prevent overflow.  Only one burner on the stove worked, and the oven only worked some of the time.  And the refrigerator would alternate between freezing everything, and letting everything thaw.

So instead of bringing these appliances that needed to be replaced to the new house, I left them there.

And have lived quite comfortably without them.  How?

It's winter where I live, and very cold.  Anything that needs to be frozen goes in a closed box on the back porch.  It works quite well.  And it's free.

I fill plastic containers 3/4 of the way full with water, and put those in the back porch.  I've got about 15 of them right now.  At any given time, five of them are placed in a cooler inside, where items that need refrigeration, but not freezing, are kept.

For cooking, I have multiple small appliances.  A hot shot very quickly boils water for me.  A rice cooker is used just like a pan on the stove.  In fact, I made pancakes in it this morning.  I have a bread machine for mixing dough, and baking is done in the 18-quart roaster oven.

And my [ex] Husband takes my laundry to his house once a week and washes it for me.

And so far, that's all I've needed.

I am, however, going to buy a refrigerator and stove when I get my tax return.  I'm debating whether or not to buy a washer and dryer... My laundry comes home washed, dried, and folded... and I don't have to do it, so it's tempting to just let him keep doing that!