YMCA Here I Come! LOL

For a long time, I've wanted some sort of fitness center membership.  I want to get in shape.

I'll be starting school again next fall, and the college that I'll be attending does have a student fitness center, with free memberships for students, but the hours are horrible, and it doesn't do me any good right now.  It also wouldn't do my son any good.

Enter the YMCA.  The local YMCA has a state of the art fitness center, offers free fitness classes to members, and has a pool.  They're open from 6am to 9pm, 7 days a week.  The fitness center and pool are open to not only adults, but children accompanied by adults as well.  They have youth basketball programs, and a self-defense/karate program for 7 and up.

I found out that they offer scholarships to low income families.  The scholarship covers up to the cost of the initiation fee and a year long membership.  I'm turning in my application tomorrow.

I never knew about the scholarship.  I knew that the YMCA had a fitness center, but other than that, I was clueless.

So... hopefully, very soon, I'll have that membership for my son and I.  They also have a homeschool program, that offers fitness and swim programs for homeschool families.  I'm excited!

And the YMCA is right on the bus line that I take to go downtown :)  Can't beat that!


barb from blogfully said...

Wow...this was an interesting post. I didn't know either (about the scholarship) and I hope everything works out great for you and your son. That is actually some wonderful news.

BTW; I absolutely love the name of your blog...too cute!!!

Childsplayx2 said...

I work for a YMCA and I'm amazed that so many people don't know about the scholarships the Y offers. We have to do a better job at that!

I'm so happy to hear you found the Y. Enjoy it!

Sisterlisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I have a gym I can go to, but due to time constraints we're waiting til after the holidays to get back. It sure will be crowded, January always is. lol

Linda said...

I just found your blog. Thank you for being so honest about your situation. I'll definitely keep reading!